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The Yelled Out the Wrong Name in Bed Irish Drinking Song is an edition of the Irish Drinking Song game from the American version of Whose Line. It was performed in Episode 5-20 by Wayne Brady Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles, with the help of Laura Hall on the piano. This edition has become notorious due to the entire cast breaking down laughing and never actually using the suggestion.


All: Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Wayne: One night I was getting freaky,
Drew: (mumbling) With my lad--girl Elaine.
Colin: Boy! We had some fun.
Ryan: And then I (mumbling to make fun of Drew)

(All except Colin break down laughing from Ryan's mumbling)

Colin: Meow!

(Laura Hall fumbles the piano and stops for a good five seconds, apparently also laughing. Eventually they regain some composure and continue)

Ryan: I've lost track of the story.
Wayne: I don't know what has happened.
Drew: He wrote me a letter.
Colin: My underwear is snappin'.

Ryan: I think there was a girl involved.
Wayne: ...That's what I'm thinkin'.
Drew: ...I don't know what to say.
Colin: Meow!

(All except Colin break down laughing)

Colin: Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Take It Away Laura Hall...

Whose Line Is It Anyway - Irish Drinking Song-Wrong Name In Bed-

Whose Line Is It Anyway - Irish Drinking Song-Wrong Name In Bed-

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