Hello and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? the improvisation show which, if you haven't seen it before, is the very best program on the television. Well, if you have seen it before, you know it's one where I start off with a very big lie, and featuring tonight:

  • We have a man of a thousand voices, all of them the same, Stephen Frost
  • Then a man of a thousand faces, very few of them human, Colin Mochrie
  • Then a man of a thousand dollars, all of them travel expenses, Brad Sherwood
  • Finally, a man of a thousand appearances on this program, Ryan Stiles

Ladies and gentlemen, the contestants.

(Introduction reused in UK Episode 9-15)


  • Film and Theatre Styles
    • Performers: Ryan and Colin
    • Scene: Colin is a policeman and he has come to investigate reports of a strange disturbance on a chicken farm
    • Styles: Star Trek, Riverdance, Jurassic Park 
  • Old Job, New Job
    • Performers: Ryan and Brad, with Stephen
    • Scene: Introducing the fiancee to the father, Stephen
    • Old job: Stephen used to be a dog show judge
  • Home Shopping
    • Performers: Ryan and Colin
    • Items: Waders with holes in, Some chewing gum chewed by somebody else already, and A solar-powered torch
  • Quick Change
    • Performers: Brad and Colin, with Stephen
    • Scene: Telling a general you're under attack
  • Party Quirks
    • Host: Brad
      • Stephen - Strict German nanny
      • Colin - Physically in love with food
      • Ryan - Film extra in bar room brawl
  • Greatest Hits
    • Singer: Brad
    • Pitchmen: Ryan and Colin
    • Musician: Richard
    • Album: Songs of the Farmyard
    • Songs:
      • German drinking song - "You're Just a Chicken, But What the Cluck"
      • Punk - "Is That an Ear of Corn, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?"
      • Romantic French ballad - "You May Be Just a Horse, but You've Got a Hell of an Ass"


  • Ryan and Stephen


  • Winners read the credits in the style of two construction workers on a scaffolding


  • "Film and Theatre Styles" references the show, Star Trek.
  • First playing of "Quick Change"


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