Hello and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? the improvisation program which puts the performers on the spot and knocks spots off of all other performers, featuring tonight:

Ladies and gentlemen, the contestants.


  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Invitations you'd never accept
    • If the planet was made of toothpaste
    • Rejected proverbs
    • Practical jokes in a monastery
    • Twenty-four hours from Tulsa
    • What Hell looks like
    • Sea shanties that never caught on
    • If undertakers were like waiters
  • Superheroes
    • Greg - Termite Man
    • Ryan - Kid Kangaroo
    • Chip - Kleptomaniac Boy
    • Tony - Captain Thinks He's Invisible
    • Crisis: Trapped in a bank vault
  • Song Styles
    • Singer: Chip
    • Musician: Richard
    • About: Alison, a court clerk
    • Style: Broadway love song
  • News Report
    • Interviewer: Greg
    • Expert: Tony
    • Reporter: Chip
    • Various characters: Ryan
    • Topic: Noah in Australia
  • Film Dub
    • Performers: Greg, Ryan, and Tony
    • Scene: Greg and Tony are on a date, and Ryan is a father coming home early or surprising them
    • Film: Stingray ep.6 "Set Sail for Adventure" (8 November 1964)
  • Party Quirks
    • Host: Tony
      • Chip - Writes advertising jingles
      • Greg - Vacuum cleaner
      • Ryan - A sperm
  • Stand Sit Lie Down
    • Performers: Greg, Ryan, and Tony
    • Scene: Tony is coming to a department store to buy a bed, Greg is a salesman and Ryan is the manager
  • Bar Scene
    • Bartender: Chip
    • Musician: Richard
      • Greg - Drinking to forget his tax demand
      • Ryan - In love with his dog
      • Tony - Angry about his clothing


  • Greg Proops and Ryan Stiles


  • Winners read the credits in the style of two hecklers


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