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Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? in America, coming to you not from London, England, but from New York, America, and improvising their way through the core of the Big Apple tonight we have:

  • From the old country, the all-singing, all-dancing, all-wonderful Josie Lawrence
  • Then from LA, the all six foot six of Ryan Stiles
  • Then from Los Angeles, the all-Canadian, all-action, Colin Mochrie
  • Finally, the all-conquering, all-compassing all-star, Mike McShane

Ladies and gentlemen, the contestants.


  • Film and Theater Styles
    • Performers: Mike and Josie
      • Scene: Trying to buy a gun
      • Styles: Horror, Sports film, Burlesque
    • Performers: Colin and Ryan
      • Scene: Two guys mending a roof
      • Styles: Surreal, Kung Fu, Shakespeare, B-movie
  • Helping Hands
    • Performers: Mike, and Ryan with Colin's hands
    • Scene: A duel
  • American Musical
    • Musician: Richard
    • About: A cold, France, New Jersey, Songwriting, and Travel difficulties
  • Song Styles
    • Musician: Richard
    • Singer: Mike
      • About: Glasses
      • Style: Country & Western
    • Singer: Josie
      • About: Subways
      • Style: Madonna
  • Party Quirks
    • Host: Colin
      • Ryan - Peeping Tom
      • Josie - Vampire
      • Mike - Thinks he has an invisible friend
  • March
    • Musician: Richard
    • About: Dog-sledding


  • Ryan Stiles


  • Winner reads the credits in the style of a model from a fashion magazine like Vogue


  • First appearance of Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie together in Whose Line Is It Anyway?