Hello and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? and ad-liberating themselves tonight we have:

  • First of all from San Francisco, stand-up comedian Greg Proops
  • From the Comedy Store Players, sit-down comedienne Josie Lawrence
  • From Saturday Night at the Movies and another, more obscure television program, low-down comedian Tony Slattery
  • From who knows where, the can't-put-him-down comedian and one-man RSC, John Sessions

Ladies and gentlemen, the contestants.


  • Film and Theater Styles
    • Performers: Josie and Greg
      • Scene: Arguing over the state of the bathroom
      • Styles: Flintstones, Robin of Sherwood, Home movie, Burlesque
    • Performers: John and Tony
      • Scene: At a pawn broker's
      • Styles: Shakespeare, 1960s Michael Caine, Bearded collie, James Bond
  • Song Styles
    • Singer: Josie
    • Musician: Richard
    • About: A fish slice
    • Style: Love ballad
  • Rap
    • About: Dental hygiene
  • Party Quirks
    • Host: Tony
      • Greg - Robot
      • Josie - Peter Pan
      • John - A '60's rock musician
  • American Musical
    • Performers: Greg, Josie, and Tony
    • Musician: Richard
    • About: Seeing a film, Car crash, and Riding horses


  • Josie Lawrence


  • Winner reads the credits in the style of a schoolmarm


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