Hello, welcome, this is Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and if you've seen the program before, then you're seeing it again now. It's an improvisation program in which we set a number of games to our contestants to test out their ability to live off their wits, to perform off the cuff, or in otherwise to shrug off their embarrassment. Now I don't mind telling you we've got a really top-line lineup tonight, though I don't mind telling you that every week whether it happens to be true or not

  • But let me first of all introduce our first contestant who is Stephen Fry, actor and writer, Stephen is an intellectual man of letters who can turn his hand to broad comedy but does return from time to time to his first love which is advertising peppermints and building societies
  • Then we have Peter Cook who of course for many years has been described and rightly as the funniest man in England, oddly enough even when he's abroad
  • Then we have Josie Lawrence from the Comedy Store Players, who is beautiful, talented, and charming, in fact in many ways a sort of female Derek Jameson
  • Finally we have as usual John Sessions who I regard as perhaps the most gifted actor of his generation, that's not just my opinion, that's his as well

So here they are, the contestants.


  • Authors
    • Stephen - John le Carré
    • Peter - Albert Goldman
    • Josie - Kind of people that write articles for women's magazines
    • John - Ernest Hemingway
    • Title: A Day at the Races
  • Film and Theatre Styles
    • Performers: Stephen and Peter
      • Scene: Parliamentary candidate going around canvassing for a vote
      • Styles: Farce, Travelogue, Gangster movie
    • Performers: Josie and John
      • Scene: Breaking up with a partner
      • Styles: Shakespeare, British war film, Blue movie
  • Rap
    • About: Having a baby


  • Peter Cook


  • Winner reads the credits in the style of a New York taxi driver


  • First playing of "Panel"
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