Ladies and gentlemen, you're watching Trust Us with Your Life which tonight features:

Now here's your host, Fred Willard.


  • Glee Club It
    • Scene: Wayne is Jane's surgeon father who's performing a life-saving operation on Jonathan, and Colin is a panicky nurse, Josie will enter as Jane
  • Guess the Country
    • Scene: Jonathan is Jane and Wayne is her father travelling around Europe in a beat-up old car for which he's doing all his own sound effects, Colin and Josie are the various people they meet in the different European countries they travel through
  • Face the Music
    • Performer: David
    • Song: Johnny Cash - "Folsom Prison Blues"
  • Sideways Scene
    • Performers: Colin, Wayne, and Jonathan
    • Scene: Wayne is James Bond in a hotel room seducing bond girl Jane Seymour, played by Jonathan, suddenly voodoo villain Colin breaks in
    • Styles: Star Wars, A disaster movie, Jaws
  • Putting Words into Your Mouth
    • Performers: Wayne, Josie with Jonathan's voice, and Jane with Colin's voice
    • Scene: Jane is Dr. Quinn, who's been kidnapped by a Mexican bandito, played by Wayne, Wayne gets bitten by a snake, Josie is Wayne's jealous girlfriend who bursts in on them as Jane is treating him
  • Musical Tribute
    • Singers: Wayne, Josie, Colin, and Jonathan
    • Style: James Bond


  • "Sideways Scene" references the film Star Wars.
  • First playing of "Guess the Country"

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