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Now here's your host, Fred Willard.


  • Dramatic Episode
    • Scene: Colin is the young Florence preparing a meager breakfast with her brother Craig, Wayne will play Florence's dad who enters dragging her favorite pet hog off to slaughter, Jonathan will play the hog
  • Shorter and Shorter
    • Scene: Colin is Florence and Wayne is the overly-affectionate boyfriend on a double date in Wayne's car with Craig and his girlfriend Jonathan, Jonathan and Craig leave the car briefly to go into the woods but they return having rolled in poison ivy
  • Hollywood Director
  • Director: Fred
    • Scene: Colin is Carol Brady showing a flirtatious prospective house buyer Craig around, suddenly Marcia, played by Wayne, runs in with a broken nose followed by Greg, played by Jonathan who's trying to smuggle in an animal mascot he's stolen
    • Notes:
      • Start from the beginning as a Spanish game show
      • Let's do it again in the style of a horror movie
      • Try it again as Jamaican gangsters
  • Sideways Scene
    • Performers: Colin, Wayne, and Jonathan
    • Scene: Wayne is Florence trying to persuade her onscreen son, played by Jonathan, that his infatuation is just a silly crush, a horrified Marcia Brady, played by Colin, happens to come in at an awkward moment
    • Styles: Science fiction, a Jackie Chan movie, The March of the Penguins


  • Our improvisers are now going to present us with messages to Florence from a number of random acquaintances from her wonderful life

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