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Now here's your host, Fred Willard


  • Forward Rewind
    • Scene: Wayne plays Mark as a bouncer at a bar, Jonathan is a flirtatious girl who is stopped and frisked by Mark as she goes into the bar, Colin is the drunk man who threatens Mark, and Brad is the policeman who arrives to arrest the drunk
  • Dramatic Episode
    • Scene: Colin is Mark and Brad is his cornbread roommate getting ready to entertain, two girls played by Wayne and Jonathan arrive at the door
  • Putting Words into Your Mouth
    • Performers: Wayne, Jonathan with Brad's voice, and Mark with Colin's voice
    • Scene: Mark is living with a female flight attendant with acting ambitions played by Wayne, joined by Jonathan as Mark's acting coach
  • Sideways Scene
    • Performers: Wayne, Jonathan, and Colin
    • Scene: Jonathan is a Mavericks basketball player who has been fouled by Wayne his defender, Colin is playing Mark who runs onto the court to defend his player
    • Styles: Harry Potter


  • Our improvisers are now going to present messages to Mark from a number of random acquaintances from his wonderful life

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