Ladies and gentlemen, you're watching Trust Us with Your Life which tonight features:

Now here's your host, Fred Willard.


  • Rap It
    • Scene: Wayne's playing Serena, the princess, and Jonathan is the protector sister making breakfast in the kitchen when there's an accident, Colin enters as the caretaker sister, who's furious, and finally Greg joins as the forgiving sister
  • Hollywood Director
    • Scene: Wayne is Serena, who accidentally breaks her piggy bank and then smashes those of her sisters, moments later Colin and Jonathan, playing two of Serena's sisters, enter and discover their piggy banks have been broken, their mother, played by Greg, marches in to sort things out
    • Notes:
      • Do it like you're all Elvises
      • Do it as characters on The Jerry Springer Show
  • Sideways Scene
    • Performers: Colin, Wayne, and Jonathan
    • Scene: Wayne is Serena warming up against Jonathan, her Russian opponent, befroe the start of a women's tennis final, Colin enters as the grumpy umpire
    • Styles: Twilight, A Prison Break movie
  • Putting Words into Your Mouth
    • Performers: Wayne, Jonathan with Greg's voice, and Serena with Colin's voice
    • Scene: Serena has come for dance lessons with a top dance instructor, played by Wayne, Jonathan as the dance instructor's jealous girlfriend enters
  • Musical Tribute
    • Singers: Jonathan, Wayne, Greg, and Colin
    • About: Serena
    • Style: A boy band


  • Our improvisers are now going to present us with messages to Serena from a number of random acquaintances from her wonderful life.


  • First playing of "Kick It"

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