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Superheroes is a game in which one performer plays a superhero with an odd audience-suggested identity. He faces an audience-suggested crisis, and is joined by another performer. In welcoming this performer, he provides them another odd superhero identity. The third and fourth performers arrive in turn, and are named by their predecessors as well. Then, after the crisis is solved, the performers depart in reverse order. The superhero names are usually in stereotypical superhero form (e.g. [something]-man, or [something]-girl) with an unusual identifying characteristic or power.





Partial List of Crises and Superheroes

Crisis Superhero 1 Superhero 2 Superhero 3 Superhero 4
Tight Underwear All Over the World Suicide Boy (Brad) Yodeling Pogostick Man (Ryan) Captain Bloodloss (Colin) Cowboy Stunt Rider (Wayne)
No More BeeGees Disco Boy (Colin) Captain Hummingbird (Ryan) The Lap Dance Kid (Brad) The Bar Room Brawler (Wayne)
Too Many Doggy Land Mines Super Scooper (Greg) Drill Sergeant Boy (Ryan) Wet T-Shirt Contest Boy (Colin) Gap-Ad Kid (Wayne)
It's cold in the Studio Cottage Cheese Man (Brad) The Narrowly-Escapes-Death Kid (Ryan) Captain Salmon (Colin) Caught-in-a-Wind-Tunnel Boy (Wayne)
There's No Paper Staple Gun Kid (Colin) Malfunctioning Robot with an Attitude Boy (Ryan) The Richard Simmons Kid (Chip) The South Park Kid (Wayne)
Dead Possum in your Parking Spot Stinky Man (Colin) Giggling Nipple-Tweak Man (Ryan) Captain Luau (Chip) Temper Tantrum Kid (Wayne)
Frizzy Hair Fruit and Vegetable Man (Greg) Ice Hockey Kid (Ryan) Irate Film Director Man (Colin) Playful Licking Puppy Boy (Wayne)
Museum is on Fire Mad Cow Man (Colin) Athletic Slap on the Butt Man (Ryan) Ants in his Pants Boy (Chip) Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Kid (Wayne)
No More Shaving Cream Not Hot but Spicy Man (Greg) Ridicules People Behind Their Back Boy (Ryan) Captain Panic (Colin) Malfunctioning Robot Doctor (Wayne)
Clogged Toilet Shedding Cat Man (Greg) Strutting Pickup Artist Boy (Ryan) Excitable Hamster Boy (Colin) Very Enthusiastic Game Contestant Boy (Wayne)
No Teleprompter Presidential Candidate Man (Colin) Toddler Doing Everything for the First Time Boy (Ryan) The Mosh Pit Kid (Chip) Can't Control His Stallion Man (Wayne)
Dry Skin Captain Obvious (Colin) Captain Hyperactive Moth (Ryan) The Jitterbug Boy (Chip) Thinks Everybody is on Fire Man (Wayne)
No More Shoelaces Spineless Man (Greg) Seductive Shower Boy (Ryan) The Salmonella Kid (Colin) Bitchy Gossip Woman (Denny)
At the North Pole Magnet Man (Colin) Mesmerized by Moving Objects Man (Ryan) The Bob Fosse Kid (Chip) Chainsaw Massacre Boy (Wayne)
Boat Sank Captain Morgan (Brad) Runs and Throws like a Girl Man (Ryan) The Copycat Kid (Colin) Russian Gymnast Woman (Wayne)
Mosquitoes Everywhere Super Rabbi (Brad) Deathly Afraid of Everything Man (Ryan) Captain Cliche (Colin) Uncoordinated Go-go Girl (Wayne)
No Clean Underwear Underwear Man (Colin) Totally Worships Me[Colin] Boy (Ryan) The Chip and Dale Kid (Wayne) Angry New York Cop Man (Stephen)
No Post-it Notes Delayed Reaction Man (Greg) Becomes Hysterical Too Easily Girl (Ryan) The Happy Flasher (Colin) Constantly Run Over by a Car Man (Wayne)
Blue Shoes Quick Rick (Greg) Faking Injury for Sympathy Man (Ryan) Captain Coward (Colin) Show Stopping Number Boy (Wayne)
Out of Donuts Imaginary Friend Boy (Greg) Break Up and Make Up Kid (Ryan) The Overly-Sensitive Kid (Colin) Matrix Boy (Wayne)
No Ceramic Tom Arnold (Brad) Guy Who Channels the Spirit of Farm Animals (Ryan) Captain Streaker (Colin) Man Who Mimics Everyone While Under Caffeine (Wayne)
Out of Milk Slappy (Brad) Panic-y Ski-Jump Puppet Man (Ryan) The Bitter Drunk Kid (Colin) Captain Flubber (Wayne)
No More Shampoo Captain Dandruff (Greg) Elvis Kid (Ryan) Captain Bondage (Colin) Trick Tap Dancing Kid (Wayne)
No Beer Super Bum (Greg) Rodeo Boy (Ryan) Captain Nosy (Colin) Captain Totally Made of Springs (Wayne)
Pit Bulls Running Loose Dog Catcher Boy (Colin) Body Parts Constantly Falling Asleep Boy (Ryan) Captain Cossack (Chip) Tae Bo Kid (Wayne)
No More Rogaine Captain Hair (Colin) Totally Insane Old Man (Ryan) The Chippendale Kid (Chip) Captain Frat Boy (Wayne)
Too Hot Chocolate Bunny Man (Greg) Mimics Everyone Behind Their Back Boy (Ryan) Captain Lounge Jack (Colin) Can't Control His Legs Man (Wayne)
The World is Being Fondue'd Trout Man (Greg) Bad Psychic Boy (Ryan) The Overacting Kid (Colin) Hyperactive Belly Dancer Boy (Wayne)
Out of Deodorant Armpit Man (Greg) Fashion Photographer Kid (Ryan) Professor Panic (Colin) Captain Does the Splits at Every Moment He Can (Wayne)
Loss of Loud Colors Tacky Shirt Man (Colin) On the Verge of a Near Nervous Breakdown Boy (Ryan) The Mick Jagger Kid (Chip) Junkyard Dog on a Chain Kid (Wayne)
CrossFit is Taking Over the World The Lady with No Joints (Tegan) Captain Sarcasmo (Steen) Amateur Theater Girl (Cal) Overwhelming Sexual Tension Guy (Tom)