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Scenes from a Hat is a game in which the audience submits written suggestions which are placed in a hat. The host then draws from the hat, and any of the four performers, who stand off-stage, may enter and develop that scene.

Similar to "Scenes Cut from a Movie" and "World's Worst"






  • In UK playings, only one response would be given for each suggestion, while in the US, multiple responses from the same or different performers were allowed until the host decided to move on.
  • In early UK episodes, audience suggestions were mainly places, or situations (e.g.: "naming a baby").
  • Drew Carey frequently threw the hat after the game, striking a camera in Episode 3-07.
  • It is the game that has made the most appearances on the American episodes.
  • Since the eleventh season of the American version, host Aisha Tyler started to participate regularly in the game along with the performers.
  • When Drew Carey was host, the cast members would do somewhere between five to eight suggestions. Under Tyler, they can only get out two or three.
  • Since the move to the CW, the responses have been more sexually-charged.

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