Wl hoedown 0533

The Rock Star Hoedown (US 5-33) is an edition of the Hoedown game from the American version of Whose Line. It was performed in Episode 5-33 by Wayne Brady, Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles, with the help of Laura Hall on the piano.


Wayne: (in British accent)
I love being a rock star. Pop stars make me sick.
I fly around the world, and I get a lot of chicks.
Best part about being a rock star that I thunk,
Because I sing my songs and... (drops to the floor)

Yeah, I love being a rock star. I make 'em pay me in pearls.
I make lots of money and get lots of teenage girls.
And when I'm singin', I really got the power.
Yeah, I'm a rock star when I'm naked in the shower.

I wish I was a rock star; My image would be good.
I would look so virile, like any rock star should.
I put a cucumber in my pants, so it looks like I don't lack.
Of course it'd look much better, if it wasn't in the back.

I want to be a rock star; That's what I want to do.
I bet everyone of you would like to be one too.
I'd like to sing rock 'n' roll; that's my kind of sound.
You'd never hear me singin' a stinkin' hoedown.

A stinkin' hoedown!