We present Whose Line Is It Anyway? and here's your chairman, Clive Anderson:

Hello and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? If you've heard the programme before, no doubt you'll be reaching for the off switch now, but you'll know that this is a programme of genuine improvisation and wit. The contestants themselves are:

  • As usual, led by the game's resident maestro, Stephen Fry
  • Together with our regular Mini Metro, John Sessions
  • Joining them this week, well now it isn't often we have a guest on the programme who is so good and popular with everyone that we want to have them back again. Indeed it hasn't happened yet, but nonetheless making a return visit to Whose Line is Jimmy Mulville from Channel 4's Who Dares. And I think he's in a couple of other TV programmes which are about to hit the fan... hit the screen at any moment
  • Our fourth man is not Anthony Blunt who for some reason is not available this evening, but a similarly satirical figure, the actor and distinguished purveyor of high-brow comedy, John Bird


  • Authors
    • Stephen - Homer
    • Jimmy - Dylan Thomas
    • John Bird - Jane Austen
    • John Sessions - Herman Melville
    • Title: A Visit to the Dentist
  • Genre Option
    • Performers: Stephen and Jimmy
      • Scene: Landing a plane in a crisis, Jimmy is the pilot, Stephen is the ground crew talking him down
      • Styles: Pantomime, Thunderbirds, Gangster, Australian soap opera, Hitchcock
    • Performers: John Bird and John Sessions
      • Scene: John Bird is a customs officer and John Sessions is a passenger with a rather suspicious package
      • Styles: Restoration comedy, Pinter, Farce, Opera
  • Every Other Line
    • Performers: John Sessions (reading) and Jimmy (acting)
      • Play: The Watched Pot
      • Scene: A patient going to the doctor
      • Last line: "Can I have the bedpan now?"
    • Performers: Stephen (acting) and John Bird (reading)
      • Play: A Pair of Spectacles
      • Scene: A prosecution counsel and the defendant
      • Last line: "The butler did it."
  • Advertisement
    • Performer: Stephen
      • Product: Breakfast cereal
    • Performer: John Sessions
      • Product: Crash helmets
  • The Great Debate
    • Topic: Capital punishment
    • John Bird - Psychopath
    • John Sessions - Computer programmer
    • Jimmy - Insurance salesman
    • Stephen - Sex therapist
  • Commiserations
    • Worst possible people or ways to console Clive, who has just broken up with his long-standing girlfriend


  • John Bird


  • Winner reads the credits in the manner of a high up BBC official, perhaps the director general himself


  • Stephen introduces this episode.
  • First playing of "Advertisement to Music"

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