We present Whose Line Is It Anyway? and here's your chairman, Clive Anderson:

Hello and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? a program of ready wit and spontaneity whose very title sounds like a piece of improvisation, albeit not a particularly good one. This week we have with us:


  • Authors
    • Stephen - "Sir" Jeffrey Archer
    • Jimmy - Jackie Collins
    • Nonny - Geoffrey Chaucer
    • John - The theatrical memoirs of John Gielgud
    • Title: A Lost Sock
    • Title: The Life and Times of a JCB
  • Genre Option
    • Performers: Stephen and Jimmy
      • Scene: An interrogator and a prisoner
      • Styles: Disney, Playschool, Western, St. Trinian's, Dynasty or Dallas
    • Performers: John and Nonny
      • Scene: A policeman trying to talk a suicide down off a roof
      • Styles: Restoration, Film noir, Pantomime, Music hall
  • Wrong Theme Tune
    • Performers: Stephen and Nonny
      • Scene: The South Bank Show presentation on French impressionist painting
      • Theme tune: The Archers
    • Performers: John and Jimmy
      • Scene: Commentary on the ballet
      • Theme tune: BBC Show Jumping
  • Every Other Line
    • Performers: Nonny (reading) and Stephen (acting)
      • Play: Strife
      • Scene: Trying to end a relationship
      • Last line: "That's all for now, folks."
    • Performers: John (reading) and Jimmy (acting)
      • Play: Black-Eyed Susan
      • Scene: A father explaining to his young son the facts of life
      • Last line: "Whose child is it anyway?"
  • Interviews
    • Interviewer: John
      • Style: Rolling Stone magazine
      • Stephen - Richard I
    • Interviewer: Jimmy
      • Style: The Sun newspaper
      • Nonny - Tess of the D'Urbervilles


  • Jimmy Mulville


  • Winner reads out the credits in the style of Murray Walker


  • Stephen introduces this episode.
  • First playing of "Interview"
  • First appearance of Jimmy Mulville
  • In "Every Other Line", Nonny actually reads from another Galsworthy play, The Eldest Son.

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