We present Whose Line Is It Anyway? and here's your chairman, Clive Anderson.

Hello and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? a program of skillful improvisation, spontaneous wit, off-the-cuff wisdom, and an introduction that's gonna take some living up to. And now, as on any good radio panel game, and indeed on any bad one as well, we have four contestants. We have here tonight:

  • John Sessions, a man of action frequently cast in TV, films, and plays, and always cast in his own one-man show
  • Stephen Fry, who was recently described as a Renaissance Man by somebody with a very poor grasp of which century we're living in
  • And Dawn French, one half of French letter, er, French and Saunders, she is, of course, otherwise known as Mrs. Lenny Henry
  • And we also have Lenny Henry, otherwise known as Mrs. Lenny Henry

Now this program is all about improvisation. We have a number of games to play, so why don't we play the first one?


  • Authors
    • Stephen - P.G. Wodehouse
    • Dawn - Claire Rayner
    • Lenny - Stephen King
    • John - D.H. Lawrence
    • Title: Big Cars Burning
  • Wrong Theme Tune
    • Performers: Dawn and Lenny
      • Scene: The Money Programme
      • Theme tune: Playschool
    • Performers: John and Stephen
      • Scene: Covering the State Opening of Parliament
      • Theme tune: BBC Cricket
  • Every Other Line
    • Performers: Lenny (acting) and John (reading)
      • Play: Lady Windermere's Fan
      • Scene: Trying to tell a mafia boss that he's just killed his daughter
      • Last line: "Oh no, not again!"
    • Performers: Stephen (acting) and Dawn (reading)
      • Play: Lady Audley's Secret
      • Scene: A job interview
      • Last line: "That's all you get, personal services."
  • Two Characters
    • Performers: Stephen and John
      • Characters: Professors of English
      • Topic: Baked Beans
    • Performers: Lenny and Dawn
      • Characters: Wayne and Sharon, on their first date
      • Topic: Double glazing
  • Change of Company
    • Scene: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
      • Stephen - Daddy bear
      • Dawn - Mummy bear
      • John - Baby bear
      • Lenny - Goldilocks
    • Casts: Dentists, Policemen, Cavemen, Astronauts, Football commentators, Deejays, Australians


  • Dawn


  • The introducer reads the credits

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