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Jane White Is Sick & Twisted is a 2002 theatrically-released, low-budget comedy film starring Kim Little, Colin Mochrie, and Debra Wilson.


The film follows Jane White (Kim Little), a teenager who is obsessed with television and who dreams of becoming a TV celebrity. Jane is also convinced that she is the daughter of a prominent talk-show host, and aspires to appear on that show in the hope of launching her career as a television actress.


  • Kim Little as Jane White
  • Wil Wheaton as Dick Smith
  • Alley Mills as Mom
  • Richard Kline as Anchor Chris Jobin
  • Dustin Diamond as Simone
  • Ted Shackelford as Eddie
  • Debra Wilson as Chi-Chi
  • Chris Hardwick as Burger
  • Phil LaMarr as Bert
  • Colin Mochrie as Barney
  • David L. Lander as Gerry King
  • Andrew Lauer as Desiree
  • Eric Lutes as Candy
  • Mickey Jones as Kenny Kingman
  • Maureen McCormick as Nancy
  • Danica McKellar as Tiffany
  • Brad Sherwood as Homeless Man

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