Irish Drinking Song is a game in which four performers sing a song about an audience-suggested subject in the style of an Irish drinking song. The performers each sing a line, in turn, in an eight-line stanza beginning with the first performer and running two rotations through the performers. The second performer begins the second eight-line stanza, and so-on to complete four stanzas.

At the end of each stanza, all singers sing in unison "hai-dee-dai-dee-dai" or something of that nature. Each stanza typically has a rhyme scheme of ABCB, in which the second and fourth performers' lines rhyme, while the first and third performers' do not.

List of all "Irish Drinking Songs"



  • In an episode of The Drew Carey Show, Chip Esten (playing himself), Wayne Brady (playing himself), Mimi (portrayed by Kathy Kinney), and Mr. Wick (portrayed by Craig Ferguson) would sing the "Irish Drinking Song" at the bar Drew and his friends frequented. Laura Hall (playing herself) also appeared in the episode playing the piano.

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