From the fabulous Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, it's Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, starring:

and your host Drew Carey!


  • Greatest Hits
    • Singers: Chip and Brad
    • Pitchmen: Jeff and Colin
    • Album: Songs about Steelworkers
    • Songs:
      • Mambo - "Our Love is Like Hot Rivets in the Pants"
      • 70s rock and roll power ballad - "Blowin' My Stack"
  • Sentences
    • Performers: Chip and Jeff, with Colin
    • Scene: The soap opera, My Revolving World
    • Sentences:
      • "So what's the big thing about working for TSA?"
      • "What the heck is that smell?"
      • "Will you pay our bar bill?"
      • "Those aren't pillows."
      • "Darling, you know I care for you, but that really is ghastly."
      • "My son is a velociraptor who plays the banjo."
      • "I am Dr. Napkinface."
      • "I know you think you look good, but you really need to work on that hair."
      • "You think losing weight is hard for a man? Try being a woman, where the fat stays."
  • Bob's Call
    • Performers: Colin and Kathy
    • Scene: A gondola
  • Moving Bodies
    • Performers: Drew and Brad
    • Movers from the audience: Terry and Mark
    • Scene: Something involving the ocean


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