From the fabulous Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, it's Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, starring:

and your host Drew Carey!


  • New Choice
    • Performers: Ryan and Heather, with Jonathan
    • Scene: Mechanical drafting
  • Duet
    • Singers: Jeff and Chip
    • About: Barbara, an ophthalmology receptionist
    • Style: Soul ballad
  • Freeze Tag
    • Starting positions: On his knees (Jeff) and Downward-Facing Dog (Jonathan)
  • Sentences
    • Performers: Drew and Ryan
    • Scene: Librarian
    • Sentences:
      • "It itches so bad."
      • "Where is my White Russian?"
      • "You've got something in your teeth."
      • "I have hemorrhoids."
      • "I am ready to dance."
      • "Is that a pickle in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
      • "Where's my fart pants?"
      • "Steal candy from a baby's mouth."
      • "The moment I met you I knew you were the one."
      • "So how old did you say you are?"

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