Tonight's show:


  • Scenes
    • Performers: Greg, Colin, Jeff, and Brad
    • Theme: In a hotel with Santa Claus
  • Story
    • Leader: Drew
    • Storytellers: Colin, Chip, Julie, Jeff, Sean, Greg, and Brad
    • Title: The Little Antelope That Could
  • Filler clip
    • Performers: Chip and Greg
    • Scene: Sports car drivers
  • Sentences
    • Performers: Drew and Jonathan, with Greg and Brad
    • Scene: A dry cleaner's
    • Sentences:
      • "Are you gonna eat that?"
      • "Your eyes are a beautiful blue tonight."
      • "You're one of those hens who identifies as a rooster aren't you?"
      • "Can I touch your tonsils?"
      • "What is that on your toe?"
      • "I like to eat noodles."
      • "Wow, I ate too much."
      • "Pass the butter, please."
      • "What did you put on this toast?"
      • "Boy, you look down today."
      • "What color are your panties, honey."
      • "Let's hold hands and skip around."
  • Scenes
    • Performers: Greg, Colin, Jeff, Chip, Brad
    • Theme: Spiders and A melting clock


  • This episode contains games from three different tapings
  • Kathy is credited and brings the bucket of Sentences, but does not perform in this episode.

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