Tonight's show:


  • New Choice
    • Performers: Chip and Greg, with Brad
    • Scene: An African safari
  • Sentences
    • Performers: Drew and Colin, with Chip
    • Scene: Inventors
    • Sentences:
      • "I have a craving for Froot Loops."
      • "I stick pebbles up my nose."
      • "Do I look fat in this outfit?"
      • "I'm a punk-rock Yiddish girl trying to survive in the projects of Sarasota, Florida."
      • "I used to be a lifeguard."
      • "I lust after San Diego men."
      • "Can I borrow your bologna sandwich?"
      • "Your hair is whistling 'Dixie'."
      • "I have fallen and I can't get up."
  • Story
    • Leader: Jeff
    • Storytellers: Colin, Chip, Kathy, Brad, Greg, and Drew
    • Title: The Superb Ego

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