Tonight's show:


  • Sentences
    • Performers: Greg and Drew, with Brad
    • Scene: Western
    • First line: "You shot me in the heart."
    • Lines:
      • "My hemorrhoids have flared up again."
      • "You're lookin' hellafied."
      • "I love you more than all the stars in the sky."
      • "Have I seen you here before?"
      • "That's the best massage I've ever had."
      • "How can I miss you if you won't go away."
      • "Does something smell?"
      • "Where're my car keys?"
  • Filler Clip
    • Performers: Jeff and Jonathan
    • Scene: On the Scream-a-Puker 4000
  • New Choice
    • Performers: Colin and Brad, with Jeff
    • Scene: How to Have a Baby
  • Filler Clip
    • Performers: Drew, Sean, and Jeff
    • Scene: 100-yard dash runners
  • Freeze Tag
    • Starting position: Squatting (Colin) and On one leg (Jonathan)


  • First appearance of Jonathan Mangum and Sean Masterson

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