TV salesmen Ryan and Colin pitch a compilation album.


Wayne and Chip perform a song.

Greatest Hits is a game in which one or two performers act as pitchmen in a commercial for a compilation of songs about an audience-provided topic. One or both of the other performers perform short songs whose title and genre or artist are prompted by the pitchmen. In the British version, the performers would sing short snippets of songs, whereas songs in the American version were a lot longer, practically the length of an actual song.

Running gags that evolved for the pitchmen include:

  • Opening with "we'll be back to [a parody show title] in just a second"
  • Inventing an absurd combination of the number of songs and CDs in the collection
  • Coming up with intentionally awkward segues to the next song or artist
  • On Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, the pitchmen performers would sometimes do impressions of celebrities when introducing the CDs, such as Jonathan Mangum doing an impression of George Takei.
Similar to "Telethon", "Remember That Song", "Musical Producers", and "Musical Film Review"