Wl fourplay

Fourplay with Judy is the first and most widely-known fictitious name of the house band of the Australian version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? In a running gag, host Tommy Little introduced the band with a different funny name in every episode.

Leading the band and playing drums is Kit Warhurst, best known as the drummer in seminal Australian group Rocket Science.


AU Season 1 episodes:

  • 01 as "Fourplay with Judy"
  • 02 as "The Slippery Nipples"
  • 03 as "The Busty Strumpets"
  • 04 as "The Ass-less Chaps"
  • 05 as "The Screaming Seamen"
  • 06 as "The Spotted Dicks"
  • 07 as "The Horny Hobbits"
  • 08 as "The Pregnant Teens"
  • 09 as "Rusty Crutch and the Sunshine Band"
  • 10 as "Poonani Buffet"
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