Ladies and gentlemen, for the next fifteen seconds at least, you're watching Fast and Loose. On the show tonight:

and finally, would you please welcome your host, a man who sounds a lot like me, Hugh Dennis.


  • Speed Dating
    • Terrible things to say at a speed dating event
  • Weak Links
    • Host: Hugh
    • Contestants:
      • Justin - A man writing a letter to Points of View
      • Jess - Characters from Downton Abbey
      • Greg - A scary French teacher
      • Humphrey - Trying to be "street"
  • Interpretative Dance
    • Performers: David, with Humphrey and Jess
    • Song: Phil Collins - "You Can't Hurry Love"
  • Right Way Wrong Way
    • To behave during a job interview
    • Performers: Greg and Jess, Humphrey and Justin
  • Party Time
    • The most pretentious thing you can think of
  • Dragon's Lair
    • Dragons: Humphrey and Jess
    • Inventors: David and Greg
  • Sideways Scene
    • Performers: Justin, Marek, and Pippa
    • Scene: Pippa is a bride having a dress fitted by designer Justin when her gangster fiancee Marek comes to the door with a gunshot wound to the leg because he's on the run from the police
    • Styles: Poltergeist, Jackie Chan, The Great Escape, Transformers, King Kong


  • First playing of "Dragon's Lair"

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