Ladies and gentlemen, for the next fifteen seconds at least, you're watching Fast and Loose. On the show tonight:

and finally, would you please welcome your host, a man who sounds a lot like me, Hugh Dennis.


  • Weak Links
    • Host: Hugh
    • Contestants:
      • Justin - An increasingly-drunk bride's father
      • Laura - A call-center worker
      • Humphrey - Braveheart
      • Wayne - A miracle-working evangelist
  • Forward Rewind
    • Performers: Wayne, Jonathan, Jess, and Humphrey
    • Scene: Wayne and Jonathan are Indiana Jones and his sidekick breaking into a booby-trapped tomb, Jess is Indy's love interest, Humphrey is a giant angry zombie who turns up later
  • Interpretative Dance
    • Performers: David, with Jess and Laura
    • Song: The Troggs - "Love Is All Around"
  • Double Speak
    • Performers:
      • Laura and Jess - A woman who's just had plastic surgery
      • Wayne and Jonathan - The bitchy plastic surgeon
      • Justin and Humphrey - The husband of the woman having plastic surgery
    • Interviewer: Hugh
  • Party Time
    • The most pretentious thing you can think of
  • Sideways Scene
    • Performers: Justin, Wayne, and Jonathan
    • Scene: Justin and Jonathan are two inept handymen rewiring a house, Wayne is the bad-tempered homeowner who comes to fire them
    • Styles: Western, Toy Story, Gymnastic display


  • First playing of "Forward Rewind" and "Two-Headed Expert"

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