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  • Sideways Scene
    • Performers: Colin, Keegan, and Wayne
    • Scene: Two prisoners working out in their cell while planning a breakout, and Wayne is a tough prison guard who bursts in, suspecting trouble
    • Styles: Horror movie, Bollywood film
  • What's in the Bag?
    • Performers: Wayne, Ryan, and Colin
    • Bag donors: Sally and Melanie
    • Scene: Two doctors who have arrived in a remote town where farmer's wife, Wayne, is giving birth
  • Scenes from a Hat
    • People you don't want to sit next to on a plane
    • Inappropriate things to say at a funeral
    • Flavors rejected by ice cream chains
  • Helping Hands
    • Performers: Keegan, and Ryan with Colin's hands
    • Scene: Ryan is a Mexican chef who is teaching his eldest son Keegan how to prepare food at the family restaurant


  • Wayne Brady and Keegan-Michael Key


  • Winners read out the credits as two grandfathers bitching about their no-good families


  • Laura Hall and Linda Taylor are seen in the establishing shot and are credited as musicians, but they did not perform in this episode.
  • This episode, Production #105, is rated "TV-14-D".
  • This episode was originally scheduled to debut on 13 August 2013.[1]


  • #NiceWigs - during the first 15 seconds of "Questions With Wigs"
  • #TacoBall - for 27 seconds during "Helping Hands"



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