Good evening everybody, and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? On tonight's show:

and I'm your host, Drew Carey. Come on down, let's have some fun.

The Points

  • Don't matter, just like...
    • A centerfold's favorite color


  • Superheroes
    • Crisis: The museum's on fire
      • Colin: Mad Cow Man
      • Ryan: Athletic Slap on the Butt Man
      • Chip: Ants in His Pants Boy
      • Wayne: The Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better Kid
  • Duet
    • Singers: Wayne and Chip
    • Musicians: Laura, Linda, and Cece
    • About: Neena and Veena
    • Style: Middle Eastern
  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Fast-food orders that sound sexy but aren't
    • Inappropriate times to show off your stomach muscles
    • Things you don't want to hear as you finish your last bite of dinner
    • Giving your date's parents too much information
    • Things that would make you suspect your doctor did not graduate from medical school
  • Living Scenery
    • Performers: Ryan and Colin
    • Props: Neena
    • Scene: A newlywed couple is gambling in a Vegas casino just before retiring to their elaborate honeymoon suite
  • Themed Restaurant
    • Diners: Chip and Drew
    • Waiters: Colin and Ryan
    • Theme: Steven Spielberg movies


  • Wayne Brady
    • The rest get to do a game of "Themed Restaurant"


  • Everybody reads the credits while Neena and Veena teach them how to belly dance


  • Filmed along with Season 7 episodes 09 and 19.

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