Good evening everybody, and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? On tonight's show:

I'm your host, Drew Carey. Come on down, let's have some fun.

(Introduction reused in Episode 7-15)

The Points

  • Don't matter, just like...
    • A referee in the XFL
  • Are something you'll never see, like...
    • A Sharper Image store in Amish country


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Bachelorette: Brad
      • Wayne - Violently jealous woman who keeps catching people making eyes at her boyfriend Colin
      • Colin - The severed head of an evil genius kept alive in a lab launching his plans for world domination
      • Ryan - Castaway who washes up on the Whose Line set and must use whatever he finds to survive
  • Two-Line Vocabulary
    • Scene: Colin is performing a life-or-death operation on a powerful mob boss, Ryan is the anesthesiologist, and Brad is the nurse assisting him
    • Lines:
      • Brad:
        • "Is it always that big?"
        • "I don't think that's a good idea."
      • Ryan:
        • "Run that by me again."
        • "Who needs this?"
  • Greatest Hits
    • Salesmen: Ryan and Colin
    • Singers: Wayne and Brad
    • Musicians: Laura, Linda, and Cece
    • Album: Songs of Las Vegas
    • Songs:
      • AC/DC - "I Dropped My Chips in Your Nuts"
      • Bluegrass - "High-Roller Hooker"
      • Motown (The Mediocres) - "Roulette of Love"
  • World's Worst
    • Superbowl halftime show
    • Performers: Wayne, Drew, Colin, and Ryan


  • Brad Sherwood
    • The rest get to do a game of "World's Worst"


  • Ryan reads the credits as a castaway on a desert island with his best friend, Wilson


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