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Good evening everybody and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? On tonight's show:

Hi, I'm your host, Drew Carey. Come on down. Let's have some fun.

The Points

  • Are useless, just like...
    • A personal check from Willie Nelson


  • Weird Newscasters
    • Anchor: Colin as "Ollie Oxenfree"
    • Co-anchor: Kathy as "Janissa" - Colin's spoiled bad-tempered teenage daughter
    • Sports: Wayne as "Brick Bruck" - Having trouble mastering his jet pack
    • Weather: Ryan as "Sprinkley Days" - A lifer about to attempt a daring and elaborate prison escape
  • Song Styles
    • Singer: Wayne
    • Musicians: Laura, Linda, and Cece
    • About: Leigh, the lunch lady
    • Style: A singing strip-o-gram
  • Themed Restaurant
    • Diners: Colin and Kathy
    • Maitre'd and waiter: Ryan and Wayne
    • Scene: Two business associates who've stepped out for an illicit romantic lunch
    • Theme: A war zone
  • Narrate
    • Performers: Colin and Ryan
    • Scene: A burger joint or fast-food place
  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Senior citizen Olympic events
    • The number one thing that you shouldn't lick
    • Alternate endings to famous films
    • Things that can spoil a date
    • Hillary Clinton's recurring nightmare
    • Things you should never ever ever say while making love
    • The first thing that Adam said to Eve
  • Hoedown
    • Performers: Wayne, Drew, Colin, and Ryan
    • Musician: Laura
    • About: Halloween


  • Kathy Greenwood
    • Losers are punished by doing a "Hoedown" with Drew


  • Kathy and Ryan read the credits like two gossipy manicurists


  • The 'Narrate' game played in this episode is the infamous 'Maltese Burger' scene.
  • First playing of "Themed Restaurant"