Good evening everybody and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? On tonight's show:

I'm your host, Drew Carey. Come on down. Let's have some fun.

The Points

  • Don't matter, just like...
    • A surveillance camera at the 99-cent store
    • Batting practice to the Dodgers


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Bachelorette: Chip
      • Wayne - Female American Gladiator
      • Colin - Makes animal noises whenever he gets turned on
      • Ryan - Angry farmer looking for person who slept with his daughter
  • Duet
    • Singers: Chip and Wayne
    • Musicians: Laura, Linda, and Anna
    • About: Derek, who runs a warehouse in the diesel industry
    • Style: Village People
  • Party Quirks
    • Host: Chip
      • Wayne - Early movie footage of King Kong vs. Godzilla
      • Colin - Has a personal vendetta against the neighbors downstairs
      • Ryan - Series of crunching football tackles in slow motion
  • Three-Headed Broadway Star
    • Heads: Wayne, Drew, and Ryan
    • Musicians: Laura and Linda
    • Musical: Worms
    • Song: "You Know How to Wiggle"


  • Ryan and Wayne


  • Colin reads the credits as a substitute teacher trying to get an unruly class under control


  • The Melissa's underwear incident


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