Good evening everybody, and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? On tonight's show:

and I'm Aisha Tyler. Let's have some fun.

The Points

  • Don't matter...
    • So why do I keep giving them out?
    • And yet I spread them about freely like a teenager giving somebody mono


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Bachelorette: Keegan
      • Wayne - Flamboyant glamour photographer getting people to pose for sexy photos
      • Colin - All of Ryan and Wayne's former lovers returning for one last fling
      • Ryan - Angry bee who thinks people's possessions are pollen to take to the queen, Colin
  • Forward Rewind
    • Scene: Wayne is a heavily-pregnant woman whose water breaks, she has to be driven to the hospital by her panicking husband Colin, Ryan enters as the gung-ho midwife, and Keegan is whatever character strikes his fancy
  • Film Dub
    • Performers: Ryan, Keegan, Colin, and Wayne
    • Scene: One morning on the slopes
    • Film: Beast from Haunted Cave (1959)
  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Strange things to see or hear in a children's TV show
    • Names of cars that would never sell
    • If the Old Testament were a soap opera
  • Greatest Hits
    • Singer: Wayne
    • TV voiceover artists: Ryan and Colin
    • Musicians: Laura and Linda
    • Album: Songs of Spring Break
    • Songs:
      • Macklemore - "Show Your Boobies"
      • Lady Gaga - "Twelve in a Room"


  • Wayne Brady and Keegan-Michael Key


  • Winners read out the credits as cackling witches casting spells and summoning demons played by our other two handsome fellows up there


  • #WLIIA - as Aisha sits down
  • #WLIIA - just before "Greatest Hits"


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