Good evening and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? On tonight's show:

Hey, I'm your host, Drew Carey. Come on, let's start the show.


  • Weird Newscasters
    • Anchor: Colin
    • Co-anchor: Greg - A crazed James Bond villain
    • Sports: Wayne as "Crash Ripley" - Spots his girlfriend with another man in the audience
    • Weather: Ryan - A psycho with a chainsaw
  • Song Styles
    • Singer: Wayne
    • Musician: Laura
    • About: Carly, a fashion designer
    • Style: Cab Calloway
  • Sportscasters
    • Sportscasters: Greg and Wayne
    • Athletes: Ryan and Colin
    • Scene: Two plumbers making a house call
  • Film Dub
    • Performers: Ryan, Greg, and Colin
    • Scene: Two suitors asking the father for his daughter's hand in marriage 
    • Film: High Conquest (1947)
  • Greatest Hits
    • Singer: Wayne
    • Voiceover guys: Colin and Ryan
    • Musician: Laura
    • Album: Songs of the Mechanic
    • Songs:
      • 70s funk - "Check Under the Hood"
      • Snoop Doggy Dogg - "I'm Gonna Lube You Whether You Like It or Not"
      • Stevie Wonder - "Supertransmission"
  • Hoedown
    • Performers: Greg, Drew, Colin and Ryan
    • Musician: Laura
    • About: Surgery


  • Wayne Brady
    • The rest are punished by doing a hoedown


  • The credits weren't read aloud in the first season of the American version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?


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