Good evening and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? Tonight on the show:

and I'm your host, Drew Carey. Come on down, let's have some fun.

(Introduction reused in Episode 8-08)


  • Let's Make a Date
    • Bachelorette: Wayne
      • Brad - Game show prize announcer
      • Colin - The world's biggest glutton
      • Ryan - Talking chicken having trouble laying an egg
  • Duet
    • Singers: Brad and Wayne
    • Musician: Laura
    • About: Dana, a dental hygienist
    • Style: 60s R&B song
  • Newsflash
    • Newsanchors: Ryan and Brad
    • Field reporter: Colin
    • On the green screen: Japanese macaques (snow monkeys)
  • Film Theater and Television Styles
    • Performers: Ryan and Wayne
    • Scene: Wayne is the Birdman of Alcatraz, and Ryan is the prison warden who's come to his cell to tell him to get rid of his many birds
    • Styles: Western, Shakespeare, Sumo wrestling, Porno
  • Telethon
    • Hosts: Colin and Ryan
    • Singers: Brad and Wayne
    • Musician: Laura
    • Topic: NBA players
    • Celebrities:
      • Brad: Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Fred Schneider
      • Wayne: Aaron Neville, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder


  • Wayne Brady
    • Gets to sit there while the rest are punished by doing a hoedown


  • Taped at the same session as Episode 8-08
  • The credits weren't read aloud in the first season of the American version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?


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