Wl hoedown 1013

The Cheese Hoedown is an edition of the "Hoedown" game from the American version of Whose Line. It was performed in Episode 10-13 by Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Brad Sherwood.


When it comes to improv, on the top, we sits.
In fact, I feel just like an unopened box of Ritz.
I hate making jokes like this, even though I'm blacker,
But if we're talking 'bout this, I'm the cheese and they're the crackers.

I love eating cheese. I love it all day long.
If you eat your cheese, you can never go wrong.
I get Ryan to act with me. Yes, it does please,
'Cause, I always like to have a little ham with my cheese.

Where does cheese come from? From a cow. Ooh! Moo!
I like cheese, and Colin does too.
When he eats too much, he gets a little sick,
And with that last remark, Colin, you can [suck my dick].

Gouda, Swiss, and Monterey, and some Camembert.
These are all some lovely cheeses with a lot of flair.
I can't believe Ryan asked for that nasty job,
But I guess it would taste better if he put cheese on his knob.

Put cheese on his knob!

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