Wl cable company hoedown

The Cable Company Hoedown is an edition of the "Hoedown" game from the American version of Whose Line. It was performed on Episode 2-17 by Brad Sherwood, Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles, with Laura Hall on the piano.


I had to wait for cable installation the whole day.
It really made me mad that for TV I must pay.
So when he came to the door, what did he see?
I was wearing a negligee and I got cable for free.

Oh, you might think it's risky for a guy like me
To be making fun of the cable company.
Won't that cost you lots of money?
No! Cause I'm not on cable; I'm on ABC!

With my new cable I have a lot of choice.
Some of it makes me happy, some of it makes me moist.
Gee, it's a lot of fun, I'm happy as a mouse.
Now all day, I can see Full House.

I really hate my cable guy; he makes me wait all day.
There is one guy that I don't really don't wanna pay.
Then one sunny day, I really got my wish.
I murdered my cable guy and then I got a dish.

Then I got a dish!