G'day you good-looking legends, and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? Let's meet tonight's performers. We've got:

Let's start tonight's show!

The Points

  • Don't matter, kind of like...
    • Your resume if you've got a face tattoo


  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Nicknames your partner doesn't want to be called
    • Things you instantly regret
    • Things you can say on a golf course, but not in bed
  • Secret
    • Performers: Tom and Susie
    • Scene: Holiday lovers saying goodbye on the last day of summer
    • Secret: A flamingo costume
  • Weird Newsreaders
    • Host: Cal as "Ursula Pepperpot Pendragon"
    • Co-host: Susie as "Pikachu Jones" - Cal's mother, trying to set her up with a nice husband
    • Sports: Steen (and Steve from the audience) as "Slats O'Flaherty" - Prisoner tunneling out of Alcatraz
    • Weather: Tom as "Glenn Terabithia" - Satan auditioning for a talent show
  • Dubbing
    • Performers: Cal, Susie, and Steen with Tom's voice
    • Scene: Steen and Cal are famous lion-tamers who've fallen on hard times, Susie enters to repossess the lions
  • Rock Out
    • Musicians: The Spotted Dicks
    • About: Botched nose job


  • Tom Walker


  • Every game after the second is introduced as a "monster."

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