G'day folks, welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway? Let's meet tonight's performers. We've got:

Let's start the show!

The Points

  • Don't matter, just like...
    • The words "drink responsibly" on a bottle of Jäger


  • Scenes from a Hat
    • Things you can say about your coffee, but not your partner
    • Things you don't expect to hear from Siri
    • Entries in Tommy Little's secret diary
    • What not to bring to show and tell
  • Secret
    • Performers: Susie and Steen
    • Scene: Susie is a talented but troubled fighter pilot who wants to give up the game, Steen is Susie's wing-man begging her to stay
    • Secret: A tiny clown bicycle
  • Questions
    • Scenes:
      • In a jury room
      • At a marquee at the races
  • Quick Change
    • Performers: Susie, Steen and Cal, with Tommy
    • Scene: Steen and Susie are two knights preparing for a jousting contest when Cal, the uptight Queen, enters
  • Whose Line?
    • Performers: Cal and Rhys
    • Scene: New Zealand's best secret agents, and also a divorced couple, on a mission to steal Australia's biggest secrets
    • Lines:
      • "You're as hard as a marble."
      • "That better be a gravy stain."
      • "There's a new sheriff in town."
  • Rock Out
    • Musicians: The Screaming Seamen
    • About: Excel


  • Susie Youssef


  • Every game after the first is introduced as a "rip-snorter."

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